Know Before You Go

PowerUp • June 18-20 • Costa Mesa, CA

Know Before You Go

PowerUp your learning by making sure you have all the knowledge and tools you need before you get there! Below you will find a list of tasks to complete before the conference based on Session Track, which Partner Portal permissions you need for each class, and a list of prerequisite Academy Online courses to take before each class.

All attendees, regardless of role or which classes you attend, will need the following:

  • Laptop
  • Mobile device or tablet
  • A Partner Portal and MobileTech login

Pre-PowerUp Tasks:

Technical Installation & Troubleshooting:
All attendees taking courses within these Content Tracks are strongly encouraged to complete the following tasks before the conference:

Sales & Marketing & Business Operations:
Attendees taking sessions within these Session Tracks should confirm their branding in advance of any workshops. Please also confirm access to the following permissions on the Partner Portal:

Category Partner Portal Permission
Dealer Profile
Brand Management
Business Intelligence
Access MobileExec
Access WebExec
Business Health Reports
Customer Lists
Trouble Alerts/Reports
Login Management
Create New Logins
Manage Logins
Training & Support
Access Support Resources
Access Training Center
Support Center
Update Support Tickets
Sales & Marketing
Access MobileSales
Access Sales & Marketing Portal
Customer Connections
Manage Upsell Requests

Prerequisite Academy Online Courses:

PowerUp Session Academy Online Course
Video Installation Video as a Service Installer Tools
Video Troubleshooting
Video as a Service Installer Tools
Z-Wave Installation
Automation & Energy Installer Tools
HVAC and Smart Thermostat Smart Thermostat Installation Installer Tools
Access Control Basics

AccessControl Pre-Conference

 Smarter Access Control Training Series
Pre-Installation Keys to Success Installer Tools
Effective Installations with MobileTech Installer Tools
Remote Toolkit Troubleshooting Installer Tools
Driving Customer Engagement Website Fundamentals
Mobile Experience
Customer Activation
Product Compatibility Corporate Overview
Video as a Service
Automation & Energy
Interactive Services & Image Sensor
Expand into the New Home Market Builder Program
Wellness: Solutions for Independence and Comfort Wellness Overview
Data-Based Decision Making Business Intelligence
WebExec: Understanding Your Data
Strategies for Success for Small and Medium Businesses for Business
Increase Customer Value Workshop Creating an Upsell Offer
Customer Connections: Engage, Refer, Upsell
Leveraging your Sales Tools Sales Training: A New Way of Selling
Accelerating Home Security Sales Sales Training: A New Way of Selling
Accelerating Business Security Sales Sales Training: A New Way of Selling for Business

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