PowerUp • June 18-20 • Costa Mesa, CA


The third annual PowerUp Conference provides you with interactive, workshop-style training opportunities that will get you not only learning, but doing. With over 25 interactive courses and partner presentations to choose from, and access to experts, you can create a learning experience that is perfect for you.

General Sessions

All attendees are brought together to hear from senior leaders offering insight, inspiration, current thinking, and future trends on a range of topics. These sessions are offered Wednesday & Thursday at lunchtime.

Concurrent Sessions
with Content Tracks

PowerUp 2019 will offer 25 + sessions in 6 content tracks with both Residential and SMB (small and medium-sized businesses) focuses on Wednesday & Thursday. The overall schedule is designed to provide maximum time for training sessions, engaging with the exhibits in the Energize room, networking with peers and employees, and visiting our partners. We also encourage you to check out our alternative learning experiences: Augmented Reality installation & C.O.R.E Technical Support Command Center!

Make it Stick!

The PowerUp program encompasses the use of innovative learning technology, combined with old-fashioned game playing! These experiences have been proven to increase retention by over 41 percent*! In addition, it will help you and your team increase productivity by 40 percent*. Get Powered Up by participating in live polling, scavenger hunts, hands-on installation, knowledge checks, and collecting points throughout the conference that can be redeemed for prizes.

*Source: Study by, Dopamine Inc., chief executive


Access Control Deep Dive

The Smarter Access Control course provides you with a hands-on, lab-style learning environment to ensure you walk away with actionable skills and knowledge to install the Access Control Solution.

Train the Trainer

This course will focus on the foundations of effective training content design and delivery, as well as, give insight and practice on how we specifically design our trainings. Whether you are a trainer or people manager trying to get more from your team(s), this is the course for you!

Customer Support

Providing exceptional customer support is one of every company’s keys to success. Excelling in this area, which takes considerable work and effort, allows you to stand out from the competition. In this course, gain the tools necessary to educate your team to provide better support to your customers.

PowerUp begins on June 18th!

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